IAS Costs


Screening Questionnaire ______________________________________________ FREE

 Initial Telephone Consultation_________________________________________ £40

 Audio Assessment to include audiogram, tests for laterality, co-ordination & language (60 mins) ____________________________________________________________ £80

Audio Assessment Follow Up (every 8 weeks) _________________________ £80

CDs / Downloads – charged seperately / changed at every review _____  £30-£40 

Other Costs

Recommended specific over the ear headphones _______________APPROX £80

 CD Player if not following Downloaded Version ________________ PLEASE CALL

Complete our Auditory Processing Questionnaire using the button below. The answers will be sent directly to us.


On average, the Programme lasts 8-12 months with the individual listening to approximately 5 different CDs / Downloads during this time


Should you need to cancel a meeting, please give at least 24 hours notice or a minimum of 50% of the full fee will be charged.


All terms to be paid by cash/cheque/Bank Transfer at the time of the assessment/review.