‘Thank you so much for such a fascinating session. I really felt light afterwards and my hips felt really loose like they could swivel!! I would definitely love to do it again!’

Amanda, Chippenham


‘I took a course of about 10-15 craniosacral sessions with Jacqui over a period of a year or more. I have done a lot of energy work over the years and I believe Jacqui to be a complete natural at this work. She is sincere, intuitive, kind and humble in her approach to helping the body heal, find balance and ultimately thrive. It comes through in everything she says and does. The moment I laid on the table, each time, my body knew it was utterly safe and would immediately trust and let go of some very deeply held patterns and belief systems. Whilst the treatment is subtle and the gains incremental, it is worth sticking with it over a period of time to allow the unravelling to occur and the inner sense of freedom to manifest.

My work with Jacqui was spread over a difficult year of change in my life and I truly believe it helped to move me through it more quickly and more completely. My creative energy and self-belief have blossomed during this time. I cannot recommend this work and Jacqui in particular highly enough.’                                                                

Claire Murphy, Yoga Teacher


‘Jacqui brings great knowledge, warmth and skilful intuition to her work with people.  You just know and feel there is substance and care behind what she does. She listens closely to what you say, where you are in your life and what your body is saying. Each session is a tailored unique experience. I particularly remember one session which had a wonderful primal quality, touching into and moving energy like those moments sitting quietly and hearing back in time and out to the edges of space.’

Paul King, Coach & Consultant