Birth Mask Reveal (BMR) (currently training)

What is it?

The way we enter this world, our journey from our mother’s womb and through the birth canal until we take our first breath, profoundly impacts every one of us. This journey leaves lasting traces on our facial features and the somatic configuration of these imprints can be diagrammatically mapped and explained by a trained therapist. Empathetically and compassionately supporting an individual to understand their child’s/their own birth mask and thus their birth story, can help to free individuals from deep repetitive responses which are directly impacting the way they live their lives going forwards.

Who is Birth Mask Reveal Therapy for?

I specialise in helping parents and carers better understand their baby/child’s journey into life so they can become more attuned to their offspring’s reactions and behaviour. 

I also work with adults who wish to understand their personal journey and the potential origins of behavioural patterns and emotions that are causing issues in their life today.

As a parent:

  • are you finding family life tricky and/or stressful? 
  • are you struggling to parent your child’s behaviour?
  • would you like to build better relationships with your child/children?
  • are you lacking in confidence or feeling helpless and overwhelmed?

Does your baby:

  • cry inconsolably for no apparent reason?
  • bang their head on a surface?
  • have difficulties sleeping?
  • seem withdrawn or unresponsive?

Does your child:

  • struggle with difficult feelings and emotions?
  • have tantrums or experience irrational fears/nightmares?
  • suffer with low confidence & self-esteem?
  • find it difficult to go to bed/fall/stay asleep?
  • struggle/become anxious especially when going somewhere new or dealing with change?

As a prospective parent, do you wish to:

  • clear your energetic field to welcome the next generation?
  • consciously prepare for conception?
  • understand and address your own fears around pregnancy and birth?

As an adult, do you:

  • struggle with anxiety or depression?
  • suffer with a recurring physical pain or health issue despite medical intervention?

Are you:

  • open and curious to trying something new/different?
  • prepared to go on a journey with me?
  • prepared to commit and invest time into getting a solution?

How does Birth Mask Reveal Therapy work?

Birth Mask Reveal (BMR) Therapy works by diagrammatically mapping and disclosing the details of birth imprints chronicled in the tissues of the face of an individual. These imprints shape our facial features and expressions and as such stay with us for the rest of our lives.

What are the benefits of Birth Mask Reveal Therapy?

BMR helps to address the effects of pre and perinatal trauma by enabling the unheard birth story to become visible and witnessed, whilst supporting the client in an empathetic and compassionate way. Learning and knowing this story, seeing, and honouring the ‘baby’s journey can release and heal anxieties and traumas that would otherwise be carried into adulthood/which have been carried into adulthood, thus empowering all to express their brilliance and shine: 

  • A more attuned calmer family environment
  • Improved clarity and decision making
  • Strategies and tools for managing difficult situations in a positive way
  • Improved trust, confidence, and self-esteem for all
  • Improved relationships 
  • Individuals achieving their true potential
  • Increased performance in all areas of life

What happens in a Birth Mask Reveal Therapy session?  

Sessions can be conducted online via Zoom or face to face. 

Having welcomed you into the therapy space, I will explain more about the way that I work and answer any questions you may have. I will then share the passport photograph that you have provided and begin to shine a light on the implicit memories that are stored within the tissues and structures of the face from one’s birth journey, helping you to understand how these are inextricably linked to unhealthy belief systems and behaviour patterns. Working intuitively, I will periodically check in with you to understand and acknowledge any feelings, sensations, and /or emotions that you may be sensing at the time. It is this process of witnessing and acknowledgment that facilitates deep healing.

How will I feel after Birth Mask Reveal Therapy session?

Due to the nature of the therapy, each client’s journey is a very personal and individual one in which the therapist works in deep relationship with their system. Many clients can feel deeply relaxed and spacious after a session. Other clients may experience certain emotions coming forward to be processed and there may be some physical symptoms as the body readjusts and realigns. 

What Happens Next?

I am currently training as a Birth Mask Reveal Practitioner with Karlton Terry  and am looking for clients who would be prepared to engage to help complete this process. If you are interested, please get in touch so we can discuss possibilities: