Biodynamic Cranio Sacral Therapy

What is it?

Biodynamic Cranio Sacral Therapy (BCST) is a gentle therapy that is holistic in its approach. It recognises that the body, mind and spirit are absolutely and inextricably intertwined. Working at the deepest levels with the fundamental life forces that are present within all of us, BCST engages with every aspect of our being to establish a healthy balanced underlying state, enabling the body to utilise its own potential to self-heal.

Whilst BCST is predominantly known as a face to face physical contact therapy, it is in fact a perceptual modality. This is because the rhythms underlying BCST are energetic in nature. And, as quantum physics continues to prove, energy is not bound by either time or space. Thus it is possible to conduct sessions online/from a distance.

Who is Biodynamic Cranio Sacral Therapy for?

I specialise in working with babies, children, parents and families helping them all to understand how their time in womb and during birth may have left imprints which are still affecting how they live their lives today.

As a parent:

  • are you finding family life tricky and/or really stressful? 
  • are you struggling to parent your child’s behaviour?
  • are you lacking in confidence or feeling helpless and overwhelmed?
  • would you like to build better relationships with your child/children?

Is your child:

  • struggling with their emotions?
  • suffering with low confidence & self-esteem?
  • finding it difficult to fall/stay asleep?
  • having digestive issues?

Or as a new parent:

  • are you struggling to come to terms with a traumatic birth? 
  • are you feeling overwhelmed and/or helpless?
  • is your baby fractious and having difficulties settling/sleeping?
  • are they suffering with colic/digestive issues? 
  • is your baby clingy?

Are you:

  • open and curious to trying something new/different?
  • prepared to go on a journey with me?
  • prepared to commit and invest time into getting a solution?

What are the benefits of Biodynamic Cranio Sacral Therapy?

Addressing the effects of early developmental trauma via hands on and movement therapy whilst supporting and enabling your child to experience integration, wholeness and transformation so they can express their brilliance and shine and empowering you to parent with more clarity and joy going forwards.

  • A more attuned calmer family environment
  • Improved clarity and decision making
  • Strategies and tools for managing difficult situations in a positive way
  • Improved trust, confidence, and self-esteem for all
  • Improved relationships – Feel more connected to your child/children
  • Improved friendships
  • Individuals achieving their true potential
  • Increased performance in all areas of life

How does Biodynamic Cranio Sacral Therapy work?

  • Imagine the sea and how the water moves via currents and tides. As we largely consist of water, we too, have similar flows and tides moving in subtle rhythmic ways within our bodies, just like the sea.
  • Now picture the sea moving around a rock or outcrop. As we live our lives, our bodies hold our experiences of shock, stress and trauma within our cells and tissues. These areas can then become the ‘stuck’ rock or out-crop within our ‘sea’ or system, which our fundamental life forces have to work around, to negotiate and contain.
  • By using perceptual awareness and gentle contact with different parts of the body (including the head, the spine and the sacrum), I listen to these subtle rhythms and help the body facilitate its own natural healing processes. My aim is to bring the whole system into a better state of balance and wellbeing. Hence encouraging the fundamental life forces to breakdown or shift the ‘stuck’ rock/boulder, so the tides and currents in the system can flow more freely again.
  • As with all therapies, the relationship with the client is central to success. I aim to create a calm, quiet holding space in which the body can be supported to relax and open up, enabling the craniosacral process to penetrate to the deepest levels of your being.

What happens in a Biodynamic Cranio Sacral session?  

Treatments are carried out fully clothed, in a quiet peaceful environment. Whilst some sessions may be conducted with the client lying on a treatment table, there are other times when it is more appropriate to work whilst sitting in a chair or directly on a cushioned mat on the floor. 

Having welcomed you into my therapy space, I will explain more about the way that I work and introduce you to visualisation exercise called the Resourcing Technique ©. I will then work intuitively with the flow of events as they unfold. This usually involves tracking your body’s sensations and may involve making gentle contact with a particular part of your body. All contact is consensual, negotiated and gentle. I will periodically check in with you or your child to understand and acknowledge any feelings, sensations, and /or emotions that you/they may be sensing at the time. It is this process of witnessing and acknowledgment that facilitates deep healing.

How will I feel after a Biodynamic Cranio Sacral session?

Due to the nature of the therapy, each client’s journey is a very personal and individual one in which the therapist works in deep relationship with their system. Many clients can feel deeply relaxed and spacious after a session. Other clients may experience certain emotions coming forward for processing and there may be some physical symptoms as the body readjusts and realigns. 

What Happens Next?

To find out more, please send your contact details to Deep Connexions via:

And lets organise a FREE discovery call to understand how I may be able to help you and your family move forward with more clarity and joy.

Trauma Resolution Packages

Initial Enquiry/Free Discovery Call – 20 minutes 

Package A : Clarity Call – £75

Package B : Initial Consultation only – £175

Package C : Initial Consultation + 3 Follow up Sessions – £700

Package D : Initial Consultation + 5 Follow up Sessions – £1050

N.B. If booking for an Initial Consultation and then decide to commit to a package, the Initial Consultation cost will be subtracted from the overall package cost.

Clarity Call (zoom)

  • Assessment of completed forms/back-ground history 
  • Clarity call to understand key issues (45 mins)
  • Post call email with recommendations as to best way forwards

Initial Consultation: 

  • Face to Face or Online Consultation (approx. 90 minutes)
    • Further Clarification of Client history
    • Explanation of method of working & expectations
    • Introduction to tools – Resourcing technique
    • Working with presenting issue
  • Post Session email detailing arising themes and ongoing recommendations
  • Post session Check In and ongoing support

Follow up Session Work:

  • Face to Face or Online (approx. 90 minutes)
    • Working with the key themes
    • Support with ongoing techniques and practical advice
  • Post Session email (session themes, tools to practice, ongoing recommendations)
  • Post Session check-in (ongoing support & advice)

Further Follow up sessions:

 Single session follow up – £195

Three further Follow up Sessions – £525