Babies (0-12months)

 Research is showing us that Babies are far more conscious and aware, even as newborn than we may have realized and that their well-being is significantly influenced by their experience of birth. The very gentle nature of BCST respects this. It assists babies to release compressive, restrictive patterns experienced due to the birthing process. This can be very beneficial to help resolve early infant problems such as colic and reflux, irritability, sleeping and feeding difficulties, allergies and reactions to immunizations.


Children (1-12 years)

 For children, BCST enables them to begin the important process of being aware of, and responsible for their own physical and emotional health, perhaps enabling them to relax and enjoy life for the first time, especially if he/she has had a stressful birth or childhood.

 The treatment of babies and young children can also have a very positive effect on their later years. Many of the health issues that come up in adult life can often be linked to birth and prenatal experiences.

 BCST acknowledges that the child is not an isolated individual within the family unit. It recognizes the very close relationship between the individual and the parents, especially Mum. It is for this reason that all treatments are always carried out with Mum and/or Dad also attending the session. The shared experience can deepen the bonds within the family, allowing them all to heal and settle into their new relationships, thus supporting the baby/child’s development; if one feels better, so does the other.

 Incidentally, it is not unusual for babies and children to sleep for a longer stretch than usual after a session.


Adolescents (13-18years)

 Being an adolescence can be a very challenging time. Aside from sports injuries, digestive disorders, and learning difficulties, it is also a time when the body goes through huge physical, hormonal, emotional and psychological changes. Many teenagers can find this time tricky, stressful and overwhelming as they try to understand their place in the world and how they fit in. It is a time when they challenge existing values, friendships, boundaries, and take risks. Living in today’s technological world can also exacerbate an already challenging time/situation.

 During this time adolescents can receive great benefit from BCST. This gentle therapy provides a supportive, calming environment that facilitates the balancing of their central nervous system, their hormonal (endocrine) system and organ functions, providing a space where the individual can ‘chill out’, relax and find a sense of self.



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