Due to the current pandemic, I have successfully transferred my practice online and this is working very well.


Indeed, many of my clients are saying they are experiencing deep shifts whilst feeling more relaxed and empowered in their process. They are also gaining from additional benefits working this way;


·         They do not have to travel to and from sessions, being able to receive the therapy in the comfort of their own home.


·         They can plan more time for post session integration because there is no need for them to rush to leave the therapy space, to put their shoes back on, go back out into the busy world and drive home.


There may also be other reasons that clients prefer to work in this way;


·         They have a physical disability or illness that prevents them from easily attending a face to face session or they may live too far away to attend in person


·         They may also feel too self-conscious or feel inhibited in their expression when working face to face, finding it more comfortable to work online. 

So how come it is possible to work in this way?

Whilst BCST is known as a face to face physical contact therapy, it is in fact a perceptual modality. This is because the rhythms underlying BCST are energetic in nature. And, as quantum physics continues to prove, energy is not bound by either time or space.

As a Trauma Therapist, using my BCST skills, I work to create a safe psychological space whilst holding an intention to positively influence the health of another by ‘listening’ to and perceiving their individual expression of health. These intentions are effectively energetic waves that move through space to affect the other person, as if we are in the same room together.

During a session, I help my clients to observe and track their felt body sense and sensations. It is this acknowledgement and recognition that allows the client to witness and release old patterns and energies.

What happens in a session?

The first session/Initial Consultation will last for approximately 90 minutes with further sessions lasting approximately one hour. You will need to find a quiet place with space to sit and lie down, where you can set up an online connection to my online Virtual Therapy Room (a link will be provided).

I will start by going through the information you have provided, checking, and asking for any additional information I feel may be pertinent.

I will then spend some time helping you to understand the ‘Resourcing Technique’ – a short visualisation which will help you to find a safe grounded space and help you to tune into your felt body sense.

From here we will work with the main presenting issue at the time which may be an emotion, a feeling or physical pain.

I will help you to track these sensations whilst using my intention to connect with your body to ‘hold’ your system and the space for these patterns to shift and release. You may experience this as heat in a part of your body, a chilling or fuzzy feeling. You may also find that you want to move or shake. These are all ways of the body showing that it is engaging with a healing process and is releasing withheld patterns. 

I will be on screen and in verbal contact with you throughout this time.

At the end of the session, I will bring it to a close, asking you what you feel you need in the moment to move forward and offer some further integration/resourcing techniques. Over the next couple of days, I will check in with you via email/text and you are welcome to message me with thoughts and queries too.

How will I feel during the session?

It is not unusual for most clients to feel some of the following sensations, emotions, and physiological shifts during a session:

  • You may slowly drift out of active thinking and fall into a dream-like meditative state of awareness.
  • You might notice changes in your breathing, such as deep exhalations, exceptionally long inhalations, or long pauses in your breath
  • You may feel jerks, vibrations and shaking through your legs and arms as your nervous system shifts and rebalances
  • You may perceive your body weight differently – it may change to feeling noticeably light, almost weight-less, or the opposite – very heavy.
  • You may also perceive your body size in a different way or in a different stage of life such as feeling as tall as a giant or as a tiny baby.
  • You might also start getting various physical sensations such as pulsations, a release of heat or something pricking, crawling, or streaming – these are all signs that the body has engaged in the self-healing process
  • You might begin to see images or hear sounds that have a special meaning in your healing process

How will I feel after a session?

Most clients feel deeply relaxed and spacious after a session. Sometimes there may be some physical symptoms as the body readjusts and realigns. It is advisable to drink lots of water after a session and not to engage in any other body therapies for at least the next 48 hours to allow the system to integrate and process what it needs to process.

How many sessions will I need?

Due to the nature of the therapy, each client’s journey is a very personal and individual one in which the therapist works in deep relationship with them and their system.

It is recommended to initially commit to six sessions, with progress being reviewed after session four. Having attained a more balanced sense of wellbeing, some clients find it beneficial to have monthly or seasonal treatments going forward.