Jacqui Ellis (BCST, RCST, NDT (INPP Method), IAS, TLP Provider, DoTERRA WA. 

Jacqui is a qualified Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist (BCST) registered with the Craniosacral Therapy Association (CSTA) and Integrative Baby Therapist (IBT). She is also a Neuro-Developmental PractitionerReflex Integration Practitioner (NDT), a Licentiate of the Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology (INNP) and member of the Developmental Practitioner’s Association (DPA). Jacqui has also trained in Auditory Stimulation/Sound Therapy and is a Wellness Advocate for DoTERRA Essential Oils.

Mum and parent to three amazing humans, Jacqui is also a twin and womb survivor and a country girl at heart, having been brought up on a farm in Devon.

She has always been fascinated by others and knew that she would work with people rather than things. She loves understanding what makes people tick, why do they do what they do in the way that they do it!

Having studied hard, Jacqui embarked on a career in the themed hospitality industry, first as a themed restaurant manager, then a trainer and lastly as a resourcing and HR manager. Being made redundant for the third time whilst pregnant with her first child, forced her to take a pause……… having been driven and focused on her career, she had no idea how would life be as a parent, a mother? Little did she know she was about to embark on one of the largest and most important learning journeys of her life! And even now reflecting, despite having studied with many of the leaders in the field of Neuro Development, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Pre and Perinatal Health, she can see how her children have been her biggest teachers. Children sure have that knack of pressing your buttons, don’t they?

Each of them had their own struggles in education: difficulties with reading and writing, struggles with co-ordination and balance, difficulties sitting still and attending to mention a few. And like all parents, she wanted the best for them. But she just couldn’t understand why some things seemed so difficult and how to help. Family life was becoming tricky and tough, and nothing was making sense to her as a parent, or to the teachers. What was the missing piece? How could they find the key to unlock the brilliance that they knew was there?  

Intuitively she knew that very early life experience was playing a part, but she was struggling to find answers in the mainstream medical and educational fields. This sent her on a quest to find a solution.  She wanted to understand how to help her children achieve their brilliance and potential.

Jacqui learnt about retained baby reflexes, and how the baby is programmed to follow a developmental sequence of movement during the first year of life that matures their central nervous system for later higher performance.

She studied with eminent professionals in pre and perinatal psychology, understanding the consequences of a traumatic pregnancy and/or birth, and how bodies communicate their earliest experiences through structure, movement and body language.

Delving into her own womb and birth journey as well as those earliest experiences of her children has provided a rich tapestry for Jacqui to consolidate her learning and understanding. All three of her children have completed the Developmental Movement Programme as well as other holistic therapies and now are out in the world achieving their potential – it is a truly delightful feeling seeing your child embrace opportunities to thrive in their world! The whole experience has empowered Jacqui to parent in a much more conscious and attuned way which has deepened her connexions with the children and brought clarity and joy to family life.

How could she not share this with others? How could she not enable and empower other parents and children to do and feel the same?  

So, Jacqui now works intuitively using all her training and knowledge to help children, parents and families understand how to come into a deeper relationship with themselves so all can achieve their brilliance and shine!

If you would like to know more, please drop a line to: info@deepconnexions.co.uk and let’s organise a discovery call.

List of CPD Courses

  • Birth Mask Reveal – Level 1 (Karlton Terry)
  • Integrative Baby Therapy – (Conscious Embodiment Trainings)
  • Birth Journey (Experiential) (Conscious Embodiment Trainings)
  • A Biopsychosocial View of ADD & other child developmental disorders ( Confer/Gabor Maté)
  • Birth in Pieces Level 1 (PPN Centre/Kate White)
  • Twin Dynamics (PPN Centre/Kate White)
  • Working with Ancestry (Still Learning/Sara Nesling & Mary Bolingbroke)
  • Pre-Birth & Healing Birth at any Age (Mia Kalef/Our Birth Journey)
  • Working with Families – Mobile Infants (Still Learning/ Sara Nesling & Penel Merideth)
  • Working with Families – Puberty & Teens (Still Learning/Sara Nesling & Mary Bolingbroke)
  • Youth Mental Health Awareness (Mental Health First Aid, England)
  • Sound Therapy – Johansen IAS Training (Johansen IAS UK)
  • ACES, Attachment & Trauma: New advances in understanding & treatment (Association for Child & Adolescent Mental Health (ACAMH)
  • Long Distance Healing – 5 Pillar Formula Intensive Training (Healing from the Core/Susanne Scurlock)
  • Distance Cranio Sacral Therapy 1 (CCST/Thomas Atlee)
  • Distance Cranio Sacral Therapy 2 (CCST/Thomas Atlee)
  • Sound Therapy – The Listening Programme (TLP) (Learning Solutions)
  • Essential Oils Business Diploma ( Centre of Excellence)
  • Precision at your Fingertips – working with the chest, belly and face (Katherine Ukleja)
  • Working with Resistance (Hatton & Kalinowska)
  • Pre & Perinatal Emotional Health (Confer)
  • The Voice & the Hyoid (CTET/Katherine Ukleja)
  • The Midline in Everything (CTET/Michael Kern)
  • The Relational Child (Conscious Embodiment Trainings /Matthew Appleton)
  • Emotional First Aid – From Trauma to Attachment (Conscious Embodiment Trainings/Thomas Harms)
  • Cranial Nerves Unravelled (Katherine Ukleja)
  • Ignition and the Midline (CTET/Michael Shea)
  • Family Affair – Working with Babies, Children, Pregnancy & Birth (CSTA)  
  • The Impact of Trauma & Neglect on the Developing Child (Dr Bruce Perry) 
  • Clinical Applications of the Polyvagal Theory (Dr Stephen Porges)  
  • Working with Children: Healing through Play (Aléxandre Duarte – Somatic Experiencing)
  • Somatic Experiencing for Kids (Maggie Kline)  
  • Understanding ASD (The Girl With the Curly Hair Project)
  • Trauma Awareness and Integration (Jane Evans & Claire Murphy)
  • Brain Based Parenting & Attachment Focused Family Therapy (Dan Hughes & Jon Baylin)
  • Birth from a Baby’s Perspective (Matthew Appleton)
  • Full Spectrum work with Babies (Kate White)