Releasing your potential

in your life from the inside out.

I help individuals understand how their earliest experiences in womb, during birth and the first few months of life could be impacting how they live their lives today.

I work with children, parents and families to find a balance of inner peace and calm and work collaboratively to release what is no longer serving them so they are able to live a more carefree life.

Who do I work with

and what might a session look like?


I can help you better understand your child’s behaviour in order to parent with more confidence. Supporting you to develop better family relationships.


We can work together to release old patterns and move forward with joy and ease allowing your authentic self to shine and flourish.


A safe and gentle choice for Mums and babies to develop a deeper understanding and relationship.


I work with adults looking to move forward in their lives with a greater sense of clarity and ease by helping them to find their authentic self.

Deep Connexions

Addressing the effect of developmental trauma in babies, children and adults through hands-on and movement-based therapy.



The Main Services

Are you wanting to parent with greater clarity? Are you looking to create a calmer, more joyous and balanced family environment?

Are you looking to live your life in a more balanced, joyous and care-free way? Browse through the services that Deep Connexions offers or get in touch for some more tailored advice.

Neuro-Developmental Therapy

A hands-on, client centred approach that aims to promote development of your child’s nervous system.

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Biodynamic Cranio Sacral Therapy

Creating a safe space for a holistic approach to therapy that enables the body to self-heal.

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Integrated Baby Therapy

Therapy that acknowledges babies as sensitive and aware beings, who are affected by their birth and womb life.

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Birth Mask Reveal Practitioner

Birth Mask can lead us to clues of the physical and psycho-emotional story of the baby’s birth.

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Let’s work together

Hi, I’m Jacqui Ellis, qualified therapist and practitioner. I am particularly passionate about helping and supporting my clients to heal their bodies and minds naturally, without the use of drugs or other invasive treatments. I understand that the mind body connection is a very powerful tool. So I aim to facilitate the body’s inherent energies to heal itself

Get in touch

I will endeavour to get back in touch within 48 working hours

How can my services support you?

I aim to help you feel more grounded, with a deep inner sense of peace and calm.

I understand that everyone will require something different from a session so each meeting with be unique to your needs.

I have a wide array of experience in helping individuals express their brilliance and achieve their true abilities.

The natural approach I follow will help you to get to know yourself better, clarify issues that matter to you and release your potential.

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Useful Links

I aim to help you feel more grounded, with a deep inner sense of peace and calm.

The Craniosacral Therapy Association of the UK

The leading accrediting body for craniosacral therapy in the UK

The Institute for Neuro Physiological Psychology

The INPP Method is a drug-free and non-invasive programme using tailored daily physical exercises to help a child succeed.

The Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council

The independent UK regulator for complementary healthcare practitioners.

Recent Reviews

Results I have helped create

I love hearing back from clients I have worked with to see how our work together has helped shape a new life for themselves or their families.

Jacqui was amazing from the start, enthusiastic and very inspirational. I left the very first meeting feeling this could really make a difference to George. The programme is a commitment but is so very worthwhile. The results were great right from the start. Improvements were noted within the first few weeks and continued throughout the programme. It really feels as if George has grown into the child he was meant to be. This is, I’m sure, down to the programme. I would recommend this programme to anyone. It has certainly resulted in positive changes for George, in all areas of his life.

from an NDT client

Experience integration, wholeness and transformation by addressing a wide range of issues and providing numerous health benefits.



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